Wednesday, 11 February 2009

7th year E-portfolios


You are all welcome to my 7th grader's E-portfolio site, where they will be able to show their production and reflections on the web-based lessons dealt with during this year.

About me

My name is María Luján Dolabarás and I am a gradute EFL teacher. I got my EFL teacher degree at Instituto Superior del Profesorado Juan XXIII, in Bahía Blanca. I have been teaching English as a Foreign Language for the past ten years both at state and private schools, and at a private institute. I am currently working at Escuela de Educación Técnica Nº2 "Ing. César Cipoletti" where we put an emphasis on Technical English.

The project

This E-portfolio is a collection of blog-based lesson posts and reflections written by 7th grade pupils.

To collect evidence on students' answers to blog-based lesson tasks.

Audience: 7th grade students.

Steps: Follow these steps in order to accomplish the tasks.
  • Create a blog using blogger. (Tutorial in Spanish).
  • E-mail your teacher your blog's URL to
  • Write a short biography in My Profile.
  • Upload a picture or avatar. If you want to upload an avatar, try voki.
  • Post on your blog after you finish a blog-based lesson.
  • Follow the class schedule to know what to post in each entry.

Ecercise 1: (February 16th) Post your description of a celebrity of your choice. Don't write his/her name. Write a reflection on the lesson (Did you like it? Was is easy/ difficult? What did you learn?)

Exercise 2: (February 18th) Read your classmates descriptions and write a comment on their posts saying who you think the star is and why.


Your blog must contain your biography, posts and reflections on the tasks.


Qualitative: $40% Reflections, quality of posts, interaction with peers.
Quantitative: 60% Total number of posts written during the year.


My learning space

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